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Minimum QRP: Doing more with under five watt amateur radio

* Covers equipment, antennas, operating and strategy
* Ideas and inspiration for the newcomer and old timer alike


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"You cannot find another book that covers this much information, for the price, anywhere"

"Required reading for anyone who wants to extend their knowledge"


Minimum QRP is full of ideas for the radio amateur who wants to get the most from their modest station and antenna. Apply its tested strategies today for more success on the bands, whether you're into portable operating, DX, awards, contests or more. While pitched at the QRPer, those with 100 watts and simple antennas will also find much of interest. It's for a broad audience, including newcomers, the more experienced and those returning to amateur radio.

After touring various facets of QRP, Minimum QRP gives some forthright but often forgotten advice on equipment. Is the commercial, kit or homebrew transceiver you're considering sufficient to give spontaneous contacts almost any time you switch on? This book guides you through the choices out there, with an emphasis on affordable and effective.

Antennas are next. One size and type does not fit all. The right choice depends on location, style of operating and activity patterns in your area. Many suggestions, based on the author's extensive experience of restricted space and portable QRP, are given.

Some QRPers have suitable equipment and antennas yet don't make as many contacts as they should. Reasons for this can come down to choice of band, understanding local activity and operating technique. Whether you're after DX or a local ragchew, Minimum QRP gives some crafty tips on working the most with the least.

Nearly every aspect of amateur radio can be done with five watts. Indeed QRP sometimes adds enjoyment due to simple to construct and lightweight equipment. If you go off one facet there's always another. You'll find information on such diverse sub-interests like weak signal modes, VHF operating, HF pedestrian mobile and much more in this book.



1.1 Why QRP?
1.2 First steps

2.1 QRO equipment turned down to QRP
2.2 QRP equipment - new
2.3 QRP equipment - used
2.4 QRP equipment - kits
2.5 QRP equipment - homebrew
2.6 QRP DC power sources
2.7 QRP accessories

3.1 Antennas - home
3.2 Antennas - limited space
3.3 Antennas - portable
3.4 Antennas - pedestrian mobile

4.1 Paths and propagation
4.2 Bands for QRP
4.3 Modes for QRP

5.1 Making contacts and operating strategy
5.2 Operating resources
5.3 Awards
5.4 Contests
5.5 Portable / QRP outdoors
5.6 Portable for longer/DXpeditions
5.7 Pedestrian mobile
5.8 Milliwatting
5.9 VHF, UHF and satellite QRP
5.10 QRP without an amateur licence

6.1 QRP clubs (and magazines)
6.2 QRP forums and email lists
6.3 QRP books
6.4 QRP blogs, podcasts and videos
6.5 QRP equipment suppliers




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