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Ham Radio Get Started

* How to become a radio amateur
* How to set up a station
* How you can make contacts
* Ideal for new, returning and experienced hams


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Ham Radio Get Started will help you become a radio amateur, set up a station and make contacts on air.

Written for US conditions it covers practical topics that existing license study and theory books often miss. For beginning and experienced hams alike, it's an ideal read for anyone interested in taking up, continuing in or returning to amateur radio.

What's in the book? First there's a quick tour of what amateur radio can offer. That includes things you can do right now, with no special equipment or licenses required.

Then it describes how to get your callsign and set up a station. Equipment and antennas are covered next. You'll find information on what items are necessary and where you can get it, whether you choose to buy new, buy used or build your own.

Later you'll learn about what different radio frequencies do, the diverse activities hams enjoy and winning tips that will get you contacts almost any time you turn on.

Near the end we cover things you can add to make your equipment more versatile, technical subinterests and how you can learn more. All up it's over 150 pages of solid information that deserves to be in every amateur's shack.

Ham Radio Get Started is available in both ebook and paperback formats. It's the author's eighth radio book, following on from top-selling titles in the fields of low power, portable and general amateur radio.

In Australia? Consider the Australian Ham Radio Handbook instead. This is the VK version, written for local rules, conditions and activities.



  1. Introduction
2. Amateur radio - what is it?
3. Amateur radio - what you can do
4. Having a taste - amateur activities you can enjoy without a license
5. Joining us - getting a license
6. What's in an amateur radio station?
7. Antennas
8. Equipment and equipment suppliers
9. Making contacts on the air
10. Amateur bands - what they're like
11. Amateur radio operating activities
12. Amateur radio technical activities
13. Advanced station additions
14. RF exposure, interference and lightning
15. Amateur radio clubs and associations
16. Reference information (books, websites and social media)
17. Finding things out
18. About the author
19. Thanks
20. Other books by AK3YE/VK3YE


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Ham Radio Get Started is for the new, experienced or returning ham.

It's written for United States readers with much local specific information.

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ISBN-13: 9798510228779

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