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Getting back into Amateur Radio

* What you can do with amateur radio today
* How it's better and cheaper than ever before
* Diverse modes and bands explained
* The only book written for the returning ham


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Maybe you've let radio activities lapse but are considering a return. Or are perhaps just curious about what we get up to. Either way Getting back into Amateur Radio could be for you.

In a clear, conversational style, it brings you up to date with what's changed and what you may have forgotten. In almost no time you'll be tuning the bands even if you don't yet own a receiver.

Getting on air is easier and cheaper than ever before, with a huge range of modes, bands and activities to choose from. There's sure to be a specialty that appeals to you, with major recent developments including low-cost digital modes and software defined radios. You may even be able to become relicensed without sitting another test, depending on your country and documentation.

Modern amateur equipment offers amazing features for comparatively low cost. But you might prefer the nostalgia of restoring gear from the past. Or the anticipation then joy of making contacts on something you built yourself. Getting back into Amateur Radio discusses all these equipment choices.

Then there's antennas. Ideas on what to use and what to avoid are given, with special help for those with limited space. Except in extreme cases you should be able to stick up something that's heard.

Forgotten operating procedure? A refresher course on the various way to make contacts is in this book.

A big part of amateur radio - then and now - is meeting other amateurs and learning new things. This book can't cover everything. But there's links to the best ideas and resources that will keep you reading for hours and help you interact with amateurs.

Getting back into Amateur Radio is available in both ebook and paperback formats. It's the author's third book, following on from the top-selling Minimum QRP and Hand-carried QRP Antennas titles.



1. Introduction
2. Amateur radio in 2017
3. Getting a taste
4. Getting relicensed
5. Regulations
6. Modes, bands and activities
7. Equipment and technology
8. Antennas and station setup
9. Propagation
10. Getting contacts
11. Clubs and information
12. Conclusion
13. Amateur radio acronyms

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ISBN-10: 1520767102
ISBN-13: 978-1520767109

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