99 things you can do with Amateur Radio.  
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99 things you can do with Amateur Radio

* Takes the mystery out of numerous facets of amateur radio
* Tells you what your class instructor probably didn't
* A great general guide to the diversity that is amateur radio today


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What is now out there and how do you start?

Both questions are answered in 99 things you can do with Amateur Radio, a new book by Peter Parker VK3YE.

99 things you can do with Amateur Radio is an ideal primer for the beginner. It tells you things your class instructor probably didn't have time to cover. Try some of the facets suggested. Be amazed with what you can do even with an entry-level licence and simple equipment.

Newcomers to radio are not the only ones to benefit. If you have been licensed for a while 99 things you can do with Amateur Radio makes a good refresher on new modes and challenges now available.

Each specialty has a page. Included is an overview, description and advice on obtaining further information. The writing is clear and many pictures are provided.

It doesn't have to be read from start to finish. Instead you can start at any page. This makes it ideal to read while in the shack or on your portable device when you've got a few minutes to kill.

99 things you can do with Amateur Radio is available in both ebook and paperback formats. It's the author's fourth, following on from the top-selling Minimum QRP, Hand-carried QRP Antennas and Getting back into Amateur Radio titles.



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ISBN-10: 1976710596
ISBN-13: 978-1976710599

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