Comprehensive dictionary of amateur radio terms.  
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Illustrated International Ham Radio Dictionary

* Over 1500 radio terms explained
* Many pictures and diagrams
* Plenty of detail with over 50 000 words
* Ideal for the new, returning and experienced ham


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Entering amateur radio? Are you returning after a break away? Or maybe you've tended to specialise in a few facets.

Whatever your interests in radio, Illustrated International Ham Radio Dictionary is for you.

In a clear, conversational style, it presents definitions for over 1500 amateur radio and electronic terms.

Technical and operating facets are both covered in depth. Including country-specific terms, the dictionary is applicable worldwide.

Many definitions have photos or diagrams. Others go into more detail than you might expect. All up there's over 50 000 words.

It makes an ideal companion to the usual study manuals if you are studying for your amateur radio licence.

And, if you hear an unfamiliar term on the air, you will soon be able to follow the conversation with the Illustrated International Ham Radio Dictionary at hand.

Illustrated International Ham Radio Dictionary is available in both ebook and paperback formats. It's the author's fifth book, following on from the top-selling Minimum QRP, Hand-carried QRP Antennas, Getting back into Amateur Radio, and 99 things you can do with Amateur Radio titles.



1. Introduction
2. Definitions: A-Z
3. Definitions: Numbers
4. Finding things out
5. About the author
6. Thanks
7. Other books by VK3YE

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ISBN-13: 978-1793145505
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